On October 5th, 2022, A Historic and Devastating Milestone Occurred:

The U.S. National Debt topped $31 Trillion Dollars!!

Let me give you a quick overview of the
National Debt (from www.USDebtClock.org) over the past 42 years:

March 3, 1980:  $867.7 Billion in Debt with Carter/Reagan

March 3, 1990:  $2.9 Trillion in Debt with Reagan/Bush (more than tripled!)

March 3, 2000:  $5.7 Trillion in Debt with Bush/Clinton (more than doubled!)

March 3, 2010:  $12.1 Trillion in Debt with W. Bush/Obama (more than doubled!)

March 3, 2020:  $23.3 Trillion in Debt with Obama/Trump (nearly doubled!)

October 5th, 2022:  $31 Trillion in Debt with Trump/Biden (over $7 Trillion in just 3 years!)

Do you agree with me that we have a problem?

Notice that I put the names of the presidents during those time frames.  This is not a political issue.  It's a math issue.

Would it bother you to know that this same government, that is spending like this... also decides how much of your Social Security retirement benefits and retirement plan assets they want each and every year through the tax code?

The question I'm asking you is this: 

Do you want to PAY for all this government spending
through higher taxes in your retirement years? 

Would it surprise you to learn that traditional financial planning advice sets up most people to pay higher taxes in their retirement years with their retirement funds... with taxes you probably don't even KNOW about?

Does that bother you?  It bothers me... on your behalf!

The question I have for you is this:  If you could fix it... would you want to?

If I could fix this problem permanently for you and your family to minimize or possibly even eliminate these problems in your retirement years and restore the promise of a Happily Ever After retirement, would you give me 30 minutes? 

I am licensed by the state government to help you fix it.


In one recent case, I was able to help a retired couple to spend $460,000 in retirement as though it was over $1.7 million... by systematically getting rid of the taxes on their retirement nest-egg over a period of time.


If I could show you, how YOU could be a Social Security Millionaire...


yet how you could also end up PAYING BACK OVER $250,000
of that hard earned benefit in retirement...

Would you want that money back?

Even if you believe that you're too wealthy to even bother with Social Security... 
Wouldn't you find it useful to learn how the tax code will
treat you and your success in retirement?

Give me 30 minutes and I'll show you how it all works. 


David Kinder
David H. Kinder, RFC®, ChFC, CLU ​ 
Dynamic Advanced Wealth Insurance and Financial Solutions

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