My friends,

Please take a close look at this LIVE feed from the U.S. Debt Clock site. 

Look at the U.S. National Debt, Debt Per Citizen, and Debt Per Taxpayer (as not every citizen pays taxes).    

Do you agree with me that we have a problem in our country?

The question I'm asking you is this: 

Do YOU want to pay for all this spending through higher taxes in your retirement years? 

Would it surprise you to learn that traditional financial planning advice sets up most people to pay higher taxes in their retirement years with their retirement funds with taxes you probably don't even KNOW about?

Does that bother you?  It bothers me!

Do you want to fix this problem for you and your family to minimize or even eliminate this problem in your retirement years and restore the promise of a Happily Ever After retirement? 

If so, I am licensed by our federal and state governments to help you fix it.


In one case, I was able to help a retired couple to spend $460,000 in retirement as though it was over $1.7 million... by systematically getting rid of the taxes on their retirement nest-egg.


Would you like to see what that might look like for you?

David H. Kinder, CLU, ChFC, RFC®

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