Aretha Franklin died without a will!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

First, here's the link to the article:

So, what's the problem? Two problems:

1. Now all of her stuff is public. If she had a trust, all of her financial affairs would've remained private. Michael Jackson actually did a much better job. Here's the link:

2. According to the article, Aretha Franklin had a special needs son. Now one would automatically assume that the courts would distribute Aretha's estate equally among her 4 children.

But the problem is with special needs. Assuming that he has Social Security government benefits, a large inheritance (assuming $20 million BEFORE estate and other inheritance taxes) could disrupt those benefits.

Prior proper planning prevents poor results! Do you have a will in place? Do you have a living trust? Are your assets titled to the trust? While I am not an attorney, it certainly is an area tha