The Value of an Agent, Advisor, or Consultant

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

One of the tests of a valuable agent is that they are available for service and advice AFTER the sale. Unfortunately, insurance company customer service is NOT a source of advice. They can tell you what you CAN do and they will do what you REQUEST of them… but not necessarily give you ideas on the best ways to go.

Case in point: Back in 2000, my father experienced a downturn in his business. He runs a county-owned (or state owned - depending on California politics) cafeteria and it’s one of the busiest in the State of California. At this time, the county (or the state) decided it was time to do an extensive remodeling of that large dining room area (you could easily fit about 500 people in it) and turn it into a juror’s waiting area instead. The construction took many months and, due to the noise and dust, most regular customers chose not to eat there for quite some time.

This downturn caused my father to sell the custom home he had and move into a rental property. He did what most of us would do – which is to “tighten our belts”.