Spreading Myths Simply Pays More

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

In a private Facebook group for insurance professionals, after I shared my article on debunking the myth that the insurance company keeps the cash values when you die (not true), I was asked: "David Kinder You need to go over and straighten out Investopedia, insure.com and countless others because they haven't read your Myth Buster page. Those companies aren't as smart as you."

"Read "The Bottom Line": https://www.investopedia.com/.../how-cash-value-builds... Read "Misconceptions" at end of page: https://pocketsense.com/whole-death-benefit-cash-value... Read the answer to the question: https://www.insure.com/.../life-insurance-whole-life... Read "What is Cash Value in Life Insurance". https://www.jrcinsurancegroup.com/cash-value-after-you-die/ The list goes on." "Please send these companies your FACT page and correct them."

Here's that article: https://davidkinderfinancial.wixsite.com/davidkinderfinancial/single-post/2018/09/22/Permanent-Life-Insurance-Myth-1-Debunked-The-Life-Insurance-Company-Keeps-My-Cash-Values-When-I-Die

I could spend YEARS online finding misinformation and contacting authors to see about them correcting or amending their articles to bring greater clarity.

Well, I found another article with that misconception... and it's an article for agents and advisors... so I contacted the author.