Biased Financial Advice? Say It Isn't So!

Updated: Sep 3

I'm going to say something shocking... so I hope you're sitting down. Ready?

ALL financial advisors and insurance agents have a bias! Whew! Confession really IS good for the soul!

The question is... why do advisors have the biases they do? Where does it come from - besides their employers?

Let's start with the two most popular Financial Entertainers: Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey.

What are THEIR biases? Follow the money. Who are their sponsors (besides their publishers)? Who advertises during their shows? Who benefits from their celebrity status (besides themselves)? Biases are okay... as long as they are "out on the table".

Now, let's go into the financial profession itself: The CFP credential and those who advocate for "fee only" advice.

There is an agenda here.