Perspective: Why I do what I do the way I do it!

Updated: Jun 4

I have a LOT of agents and advisors that read my blog. They benefit from the perspective and learning I've done in my professional financial services career.

Sometimes the questions come up:

  • "Which agency should I join?"

  • "Which licenses should I get?"

  • "Should I pursue designations?"

And, unfortunately, there's more to these questions than just building a career. It's also navigating the obstacles that each of these questions brings into the success equation.

"Which agency should I join?"

Let me first put out the obvious information here: If I was with a captive agency, I could not have this website, this blog, or my social media pages. (Okay, I *could* have them, but they would be tightly regulated.) Why not? Compliance oversight.

Compliance exists to protect large name-brand firms from scandals.