Theory: Why Don't More Advisors Understand Cash Value Life Insurance?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I'm a voracious reader (sometimes a bit too much). When I entered the financial advisor profession in 2004, I wanted every advantage I could get. I read many books and got involved in many online discussion forums to learn as much as I can to help ensure my success.

Aside from a lack of public knowledge from both the United States Federal Government about life insurance AND the life insurance companies themselves (which I wrote about earlier here: I believe there is a fundamental training issue for financial advisors.

Certification and widely accepted standards: Once I was employed in this industry, I began my ChFC financial planning studies. This coursework along with the advisor I was assisting recommended that I purchase the HP-12c financial calculator.

The HP-12c financial calculator This calculator was created back in 1981 and has been widely heralded as one of the greatest financial tools ever created. It's STILL being manufactured and produced over 35 years later!

It eliminated the need to publish amortization tables for mortgage lending. The calculation results were certified accurate. And while it uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) as opposed to algebraic notation, investment advisors and mortgage brokers took to it immediately. (RPN puts numbers in like