Why College Planning is a BY-PRODUCT of the Planning I Do

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A 2015 Survey Of 2,000 Parents Indicated:

  • 53% Would Rather Use Retirement Savings To Pay College Costs Than Have Their Kids Take Out Student Loans.

  • 51% Would Be Willing To Get A Second Or Part-time Job.

  • 49% Would Delay Retirement And Work More Years.

  • 79% Said They Were Saving Something For Their Kids’ College Costs, But Were Using The Wrong Accounts [Which Lowered Maximum Financial Aid Opportunities].

(Note: lots of inaccuracies in the source article - which I posted in the comments, but the attitudes were what mattered.) https://www.fa-mag.com/news/paying-for-tuition-trumps-retirement-savings--survey-finds-21245.html

But I don't believe in LEADING with college planning as my primary offering. There are plenty of agents that DO... and I don't discourage what works, as long as they can prove for their clients that what they do... works.