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I believe that everyone deserves a world class, "Happily-Ever-After" retirement! I believe that a world class, "Happily-Ever-After" retirement plan ensures that YOU are the one to profit and benefit the most from your life's work and your financial and retirement planning, saving, and investing.

The problem is, I've recently discovered that traditional financial planning advice benefits OTHER people MORE than YOU!  From the money YOU earned, saved, and invested for 30, 40, or even 50 years!

Did you know that, if you retire a success in California, that, according to the IRS and the tax code, you'll be paid SIXTH in line out of your own money?  SIXTH! 

Not only are you paid sixth in line, but it's the banks, financial institutions, Wall Street, and the Internal Revenue Service that already have their hands in your money before YOU do!  Which means LESS for you to enjoy that you saved and invested over your entire working life and THROUGH your retirement?!  

Did you know that's how that worked??  Who's getting rich off of your life's work and retirement plan at YOUR EXPENSE??

(And just think about how well the government spends money and increases debt... and THEY get to decide how MUCH of YOUR retirement plan they want!  Each and every year!)

I believe that a true "Happily Ever After" retirement means you can stop writing checks to the Internal Revenue Service, other state taxing authorities, can keep ALL of your hard-earned Social Security benefits, and not put your retirement at risk with Wall Street with their ongoing fees making advisors more rich than you... from YOUR money.

I'm on a campaign: I want to teach every taxpayer and retiree how traditional financial advice has worked to create this problem.  I want to teach you what provisions are available in the tax code so you can have it working FOR you and your family's benefit for the first time.  We can turn the tables on the I.R.S. using THEIR rules, so that not only can you finally have your planning benefit YOU, but you can possibly double your retirement cash flow, and even have that cash flow "
off the radar screen of the I.R.S."  so you don’t even have to FILE a tax return in retirement!

Even if we don't do business together, I believe an educated taxpayer will pay less in taxes.  In fact, we can often help our clients to find, make, or save THOUSANDS, if not TENS of thousands of dollars... in a single meeting!

Recently, I was able to help a retired couple to spend $460,000 in retirement savings as though it was over $1.7 million... by systematically getting rid of the taxes on their retirement savings over time.

If I could do the same for you, would you like to see what that might look like?  

David Kinder

David H. Kinder​ | Tax Exempt Wealth Specialist
Dynamic Advanced Wealth Insurance and Financial Solutions

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