Why I Do What I Do

In everything I do, I believe in championing the individual over institutions, to help them to maximize their potential and to remove the barriers that keep them from realizing that potential in their lives!

I believe that you have the fundamental right to be the primary beneficiary of your life's work and of your financial & retirement planning.  What most people don't realize, is that out of all the money they have saved, they don't realize that they will be paid up to SIXTH in line out of their own money!  SIXTH!  While the banks, financial institutions, Wall Street, and the Internal Revenue Service... not only are they ahead of you in that line, but they ALREADY have their hands in your money before you do!  

I'm on a campaign: I want to teach every taxpayer and retiree how traditional financial advice has worked to benefit everyone else first... and how we can turn it completely around - using the tax code itself - so that, not only can you finally be the primary beneficiary of your life's work, but you can possibly double (or more) your after-tax retirement cash flow, AND have that cash flow "off the radar" of the IRS so you may not even have to FILE a tax return in retirement!

Recently, I was able to help a retired couple to create a retirement income plan that they didn't know was possible.  If you were to talk to other financial advisors, they'd say you'd need over $1.7 million to create the after-tax cash flow that this plan created.

We did it with just $460,000... by systematically getting rid of the taxes on their retirement savings over time.

If I could do the same for you, would you like to see what that might look like?  

David Kinder
David H. Kinder​, RFC®, ChFC, CLU 
Dynamic Advanced Wealth Insurance and Financial Solutions