Why I Do What I Do

In everything I do, I believe in championing the individual over institutions, to help them reach their maximum potential and removing the barriers that keep them from realizing that potential in their lives.

I believe that YOU have the fundamental right to be the primary beneficiary of your life’s work and of your financial and retirement planning. What most people don't realize, is that with the way they typically plan for their future, they don’t realize that they are paid SIXTH out of THEIR savings and investments – while the banks, financial institutions, Wall Street, and the Internal Revenue Service are ahead of YOU in that line.


I want to teach every taxpayer and business owner how traditional financial planning ends up working to benefit everyone else FIRST and how we can turn it COMPLETELY AROUND using the tax code… so that, not only can YOU be the primary beneficiary of your financial and retirement planning, but you can DOUBLE or possibly even TRIPLE your net retirement cash flow, and have that cash flow "off the radar of the IRS" so you don’t even have to FILE a tax return in retirement.

My financial group has over $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS of our client's wealth that is "off the radar screen of the IRS" and will never be subject to an income tax!

Would you like to find out what they learned that you might not yet know?


David Kinder

David H. Kinder, CLU, ChFC, RFC®​ | Tax Exempt Wealth Specialist
Dynamic Advanced Wealth Insurance and Financial Solutions